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Armor Hard
Armor Hard

Armor-Hard Concrete Repair Epoxy

Concrete Floor Repair for Joints, Cracks, and Surface Defects


Armor-Hard is a 100% solids, two component structural epoxy mortar kit intended for use in the structural repair or joints, cracks and other surface defects in industrial concrete floors. Armor-Hard Kit comes with a specially engineered aggregate blend designed for easy troweling/finishing.

Compressive Strength: 10,500 psi

LEED Compliant: Yes

1 Gallon Liquid Only Kit
Bulk Kit with Blended Aggregates (540 ci mortar yield)

Related Products/Versions

ARMOR-HARD is available in two primary versions: ARMOR-HARD Liquid or Kit - Early Set properties (faster than standard structural epoxies, slower than EXTREME), use limited to temperatures of 50˚F +. ARMOR-HARD EXTREME Liquid or Kit - Quick set properties, multiple temperature applications.

Typical Use

As a mortar

• Spall repair/rebuilding of joint shoulders

• As a topping for delaminated slabs

• Fill in holes, gouges, ruts, popouts

• Repair broken slab panel corners